Ivacy VPN Black Friday: Privacy and International Netflix


If you’ve always wanted to enjoy the plethora of content only available on streaming services outside of your own country, Ivacy VPN has you covered and offers one exclusive Black Friday offer to 9to5Google Reader.

Ivacy is offering for Black Friday 9to5Google Readers get a massive discount on their VPN service. You can Sign up for a five-year plan for just $ 60, which is roughly $ 1 per month – a 90% discount.

Security and privacy are increasingly difficult to find these days, especially as our lives move more online. Every website you browse sees your IP address, which is more than enough to roughly identify where you’re browsing from, if not unambiguously, to identify you.

Source: Netflix

When you connect to the internet through a VPN like Ivacy’s, you add a layer of protection to your browsing by connecting entirely through a different location. Ivacy VPN has 3,500 servers in 100 locations in over 50 different countries and offers …


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