iTWire – VMware? More like AppsEverywhere


VMware was important and influential, there’s no denying that. The ability to virtualize server hardware has resulted in tremendous gains in minimizing hardware footprints, miniaturizing data centers, increasing uptime and reliability, providing longer recovery times, and is the backbone of what we now call cloud computing.

At the same time, however, there is a risk that the company’s success will mean that a large part of its livelihood has disappeared. Because as organizations increasingly migrate from on-premises data centers to public clouds – and no longer manage their own hardware and servers – it means that the traditional company is no longer necessarily using VMware to do so.

Ah, but many companies have complicated applications and find it easier to transition their on-premises virtual machines or VMs to the equivalent on cloud platforms. As such, they still run VMs, albeit not on their own physical hardware. Well yes, to a certain extent. You can move from VMware to AWS EC2s or Azure…

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