It’s official: Kaseya completes Datto acquisition


It’s officially official. The $6.2 billion blockbuster Acquisition of Datto by competitor Kaseya Closed on Thursday and many of the people and all the products are included in the deal.

With Norwalk, Connecticut resident Datto under his belt, Kaseya displaces its competitor ConnectWise from the place of the leading software providers.

“It [ticks] me off because our competition out there is spreading FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt – and saying, ‘Oh, everything about Datto is going to go away,'” Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola told CRN. “That’s stupid. … And when they say that, they’re just trying to take advantage of the fact that because Datto is a public company, we couldn’t come out and tell the truth. Now we can. These are facts. Hold me accountable .”

The transaction was a sale from Vista Equity Partners, which owned 69 percent of Datto prior to its sale to Miami-based Kaseya. The acquisition was funded by an equity syndicate led by Insight Partners with investments from TPG, Temasek and Sixth Street, according to a press release.

Datto offers a range of tools aimed at how MSPs run their business and support customers. The company is well known in the investor community for its IPO in 2020, giving it a strong standing in an industry known as a hotbed of privately held companies.

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“Datto has amazing products. Datto is known for great technology,” said Voccola. “Your networking portfolio is amazing. It’s a fraction of the cost of things Cisco and other people do. It wasn’t a big focus of Datto. Your switches, your routers, your access points. It wasn’t a focal point. We’re going to make it a focus. That’s great technology they have.”

Tim Weller out, Ryan Weeks and Rob Rae stay

When the deal was announced in April, there was much speculation about what would happen to Datto executives like CEO Tim Weller, chief information security officer Ryan Weeks, and senior vice president of business development Rob Rae. Weeks and Rae stay. Weller goes on.

“Tim will move on,” said Voccola. “He has other things he wants to do. He is CEO. And when I say “move on,” I want to be very clear about that. Tim and I will be in constant communication. Tim will help me understand everything about Datto. He makes himself available. He did a great job as the company steward.”

Voccola said he’s tried hiring Rae for the past six years but couldn’t get him to come to Kaseya.

“We had to buy Datto to get Rob Rae on staff,” he said.

All Datto products will be integrated and some will even be offered at a lower price, retention bonuses will be awarded and there will be no layoffs. In fact, Kaseya plans to hire 1,000 more account managers over the next seven months.

“Every tool available is in place to ensure that our second most important asset we have, our people, are there to take care of the most important asset we have, which is our customers,” said Voccola. “As such, retaining key employees is a very big aspect of this transaction, particularly people who interact with customers and provide the superior customer service that Datto is known for.”

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