It’s not too late to buy Facebook, Apple, Amazon or Alphabet

It's not too late to buy Facebook, Apple, Amazon or Alphabet

It’s not too late to buy some of the top stocks in tech, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday as big names like Apple and Amazon led stocks higher.

In fact, Cramer would recommend nearly all of the stocks in FAANG, his acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet.

“With the exception of Netflix, I don’t think” it’s too late to buy shares, he said on “Mad Money.” “There’s too much opportunity in FAANG, even among the likes of Facebook, even if only for a trade.”

Cramer’s newly positive outlook on Facebook stemmed mostly from the lack of negativity. “Business is good” at the social media giant despite the data scandals that have plagued it in recent years, he said.

“Pretty much everything that can be written negatively has been written,” Cramer said. “Without new grist for the media hate-mill, people are back to using [Facebook subsidiary] Instagram around the world. Advertisers still love the darned thing.”

Apple would be a $230 stock if it were only valued properly, the “Mad Money” host said after a wide-ranging sit-down with the iPhone maker’s CEO, Tim Cook. Apple ended Tuesday’s trading session at $150.75 a share.

“After talking to Tim, I’m … much more certain that these tech analysts who follow the company simply don’t know how to value the darned thing,” he said. “They treat Apple like it’s a pure hardware company, not at all giving any credit for the razor-razorblade business where customer loyalty is still bringing in new income.”

Cramer wasn’t so bullish on Amazon, saying he disagreed with legendary hedge fund manager Bill Miller’s call that the e-commerce play will double in three years.

Even so, Amazon is “the gold standard” of the cloud industry, Cramer said, adding that he “could easily see this $1,656 stock running to $2,000 now that the market’s circling back to technology.”

The secretive Alphabet is also “inexpensive” and has “a lot of optionality” thanks to its cash hoard, even though the Google parent keeps its projects notoriously under wraps, said the “Mad Money” host.

The only one that worried Cramer was Netflix, which has rallied nearly 20 percent since 2019 began.

“I think the company is amazing,” he said. “At this point, though, its stock is reflecting a re-acceleration of growth in both domestic and international [subscribers], and I’m not sure that’s right. It’s had a monster move. I think you need to be a little careful.”

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