Epic Games made a lot of changes to Fortnite with the development of Season 8 of Chapter 2. One small feature seems worse off, however, as players of all skill levels complain about the difficulty of the user interface.

Navigating the menu proves to be a challenge for those who have been cruising through Fortnite matches for years. Apparently, trying to queue up takes a lot of exploration and awareness to pick the right option.

Fortnite streamer xQc shows its dislike for the new UI system in season 8

xQc is very popular Fortnite fan because of its Streams and success as a gamer. A video leaked by data miner Hypex showed the streamer’s problems with the user interface in Fortnite’s season 8.

The new discover menu is not good. It’s too grouped and scrolling horizontally just isn’t. I understand that it is new and Epic is gathering opinions, I just hope it will improve quickly. Here’s even xqc’s opinion as someone who plays the game on occasion: https://t.co/HLhxhpaOfO

It seems like xQc is speaking for all seasoned gamers by saying that Fortnite is trying to dumb down the UI menu, but in a way that makes it more complicated. Fortnite veterans are used to such a specific menu that introducing the slightest change leads to complaints and UI issues.

The added queue types and scrolling functionality make the match-finding process a nightmare. While it may look good according to many Fortnite fans, it is by no means easy to use.

Please out of love for God @FortniteGame Remove the new user interface for game mode selection and bring back the old one, the new one is too busy !!!

Many feel overwhelmed with it the new UI options and features, and want to remove them from the main part of the game. Epic Games may have overwhelmed itself by trying to be too flashy. They seem to have caused more problems with the introduction of the new user interface.

The purpose of changing facets like the user interface is to make life easier and less stressful for the players. In this case, the updated UI did the opposite, making it much harder to navigate the Fortnite in-game menus and ultimately hurting Epic Games by giving players a reason to turn away.

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