IT security-focused predictions for 2019

IT security-focused predictions for 2019

The predictions are outlined in a report titled “Mapping the Future: Dealing with Pervasive and Persistent Threats.” For Digital Journal readers, a snapshot of predictions based on key verticals has been provided by Trend Micro.

These predictions are grouped under the heading of consumer, enterprise, the security sector and cloud computing.

Cloud computing use has grown by 112 percent in the past year

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Under the heading consumer, Trend Micro predict that the growing use of smart home technology will be a target for cybercriminals through the use of IP cameras.

Also under this heading are the following predictions:

Celebrity social media accounts will be abused in ‘watering hole attacks’.

Senior citizens will become easy victims of IOT/ Smart Health Device Attacks.

Chat Bots will be abused.

Real-world use of breached credentials will be seen.

fight against fake news will buckle under the pressure of various elections.

Under the heading of enterprise, it is predicted that home networks in work-from-home scenarios will open enterprises to bring your own device (BYOD)-like security risks.

Further under enterprise are the predictions that:

GDPR Regulators will penalize the first high-profile violator the full four percent allowable under the new regulations.

Companies will have to rethink the value of data-mining activities inherent in current advertising models due to the high price tag of a possible violation.

By 2020, up to 75 percent of new business applications will have to choose between compliance and security.

Real-world events will be used in social engineering attacks.

Business email compromise will go two levels down the org chart.

A room full of servers

A room full of servers in ‘the cloud’

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With the security industry, Trend Micro are concerned that cybercriminals will use more techniques to blend in and that 99.99 percent of exploit-based attacks will still not be based on zero-day vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the more sophisticated attacks will be driven by artificial intelligence.

With cloud infrastructure, Trend Micro predict that misconfigured security settings during cloud migration could result in more data breaches and that more cloud-related software vulnerabilities will be detected.

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