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One of the first things I noticed when I saw Apple’s long-awaited AirTags its surface, which reminds me of a giant, was polished M & M. Like real M & Ms, AirTags don’t have holes, which means you have to buy AirTag accessories to connect the device to your keys or to hang it on your handbag. While Apple didn’t include a keyring hole in the AirTags, apparently you can make one yourself without screwing them up too much.

In her demo of the AirTag published on Saturday the IFixi peoplet decided to test if it was possible to drill a key ring hole in the device, A noble service for those who do not want to pay the extra money for accessories and are willing to take the risk of destroying the thing. If this sounds like you, you’ll need a 1/16 ”drill bitaccording to iFixit.

Before you insert your drill, the first thing you must do is To do this, remove the battery. The key is to locate one of the three and successfully pierce it Notches that you can see clearly at iFixit, in the circuit board and the antenna shield of the AirTag. The notches are for the clips that hold the AirTag together. (Remember that while AirTag batteries will last more than a year without a charge, they can be replaced by pulling the back of the device off.)

iFixit determines that the position of the notches is “approximately” the position of the clips for the metal battery cover. which means that she can serve as a guide. Now you want to drill through the notch, not the clip itself. But if you’re unlucky, this supposedly won’t kill your AirTag.

In case you succeed (and we hope you are because who wants to throw money away), iFixit says that the AirTag should work as if nothing had happened. The device’s speaker, which it chimes through so you can find it if you lose it, or notify others that there is a lost AirTag nearby. was hardly affected.

There is a price to be paid to save a few dollars, however. iFixiWhen drilling a hole in your AirTag, don’t expect it to stay waterproof and dustproof. Meanwhile, MacRumors indicates that doing so will undoubtedly void Apple’s warranty.

In the end, those of you in search of your drill have a choice to make. Is it worth taking a risk when accessories are available for? $ 12.95 Or less? The waterproof thing worries me too, mostly because I had to open my door in the rain. Unfortunately, it’s a choice that each of us must make. May luck be on your side.

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