Unlike a tile or other item tracker, Apple’s new AirTag has no holes or openings to attach it directly to a keychain, so customers need to purchase accessories like a leather keyring for this purpose.

Interestingly enough, MacRumors forum member smythey proved this It is possible to drill a hole in the AirTag without breaking it, so that a string or a thin key ring can be passed through the opening. The result doesn’t look very cosmetically pleasing, but Smythey said the AirTag seems to be working normally after the home improvement job.

A demo of the AirTag posted on YouTube today offers a first glimpse of Apple’s item tracker, showing a circular circuit board with what appears to be just enough room on the edges to drill a small hole in the plastic.

Remember that drilling a hole in an AirTag will not void Apple’s warranty and could damage accessories if performed incorrectly. However, this is still a good proof of concept for those looking to save a few bucks.

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