DUBAI (Reuters) – Israeli cyber security company ThetaRay is considering a potential public listing promoted by investors who poured money into the tech sector over the past year, the board chairman said on Wednesday.

While Mark Gazit said the company is focused on expanding in the United Arab Emirates and the surrounding Gulf region, recent technical valuations have made a listing attractive.

“We see that the market is booming. Reviews go through the roof. I don’t know how sustainable it is, so it’s a matter of time, ”he said at a hotel in Dubai.

Technical valuations have risen as investors bet that more economic activity will relocate online due to the coronavirus crisis.

The stock exchanges in London, Tel Aviv and Australia have turned to ThetaRay for a listing, which is also interested in Nasdaq, Gazit told Reuters.

No decision was made on the venue, consultants were not hired, and listing could not be made, he said.

ThetaRay, which since its start in …


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