At Microsoft, IBM and Amazon the signs are on “Yes”.

When Amazon announced Last week, when founder and CEO Jeff Bezos planned to step down from overseeing operations and take on a position as executive chairman, it was also announced that AWS CEO Andy Jassy, ​​head of the company’s profitable cloud division, would replace him would.

As a Bessemer partner Byron Deeter pointed out on TwitterJassy’s promotion was similar to Satya Nadella’s rise at Microsoft: In 2014, he moved from Azure Executive Vice President to Chief Executive’s Office. Similarly, Arvind Krishna, who was promoted to succeed Ginni Rometti as IBM CEO last year, was also formerly head of the company’s cloud business.

Could Nadella’s successful rise serve as a blueprint for Amazon as it is making a similar transition? While the roles of these companies vary widely, it is inevitable that we compare these two leaders based on their previous jobs. This is true…

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