Is Microsoft dropping the blue screen of death?


Windows 11 could mark the end of a familiar screen for people with the operating system, the Blue Screen of Death. According to The edge, Microsoft will move away from the familiar blue error screen in favor of the black screen of death. The new black screen would match the Windows 11 logon and shutdown screens, which are also black.

Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death is a well-known error message that is likely not doing the company any good. The blue screen of death not only triggers memes and jokes, it enables people to identify the cause of a failure. It often displays an error code and details to help diagnose a problem.

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The Verge shares a picture of what the Black Screen of Death will look like.

The screen won’t change other than the pallet swap, according to The Verge. The QR code, error message, and wrinkled face all seem to continue on Windows 11.

When you test one Windows 11 Insider Preview Build, you will see a green screen of death. Insiders have seen the green version of the blue screen of death since 2016. I can confirm that the operating system is showing a Green Screen of Death for Insiders like I saw one this morning on my PC running Windows 11.

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