Is it safe to use for businesses?


Suppose you need to send an urgent email to a customer while you’re in business. Or you are traveling and need to take a Zoom call at your hotel. You may need to access sensitive customer or employee information on public WiFi. You are wondering how to connect to the internet to get your job done. The easiest and easiest thing to do is to just pull out your phone and get the job done. But what about WiFi security issues?

We have all heard the warnings that we should never use public WiFi for business purposes. Much has changed since the pandemic. It’s important to reconsider the old rules to see if they apply in our post-COVID-19 world. And Wi-Fi security is a prime example. So I decided to investigate whether there are any more secure ways to access an unsecured network. Should some things never be accessed over public wifi?

Remote work is different today

It used to be a lot easier to establish a secure connection …


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