feature Do the laws of physics trump mathematical complexity or is quantum key distribution (QKD) nothing but snake oil of 21st century corporate encryption? The number of QKD headlines that featured unhackable, unbreakable, or unbreakable could certainly lead you to the first conclusion.

We at The reg are relentless skeptics of our sins and take up all of these claims with one bulk Saxa. However, this correspondent is not a physicist or mathematician, let alone an expert in quantum cryptography. Fortunately, I know several people who are, so I asked them the tough questions. This is how these conversations went.

WTAF is Quantum Key Distribution anyway?

I can tell you what QKD is not and that is quantum cryptography. Instead, as the name suggests, it’s just the part that deals with exchanging encryption keys.

As defined by the creators of the first Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocol (Bennett and Brassard, 1984), it is a …

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