Is an all-inclusive mobility app coming back?


Pittsburgh has created 50 “Mobility Hubs”, personal places where all modes can be found; Residents can jet off from there with a spin or scooter. The city is also testing a “universal basic mobility” in which 50 low-income residents are granted “all you can eat” access to public transport, bike sharing and e-scooters, as Ms. Ricks described. Discounts for e-mopeds, car sharing and car pooling are also included.

“When people don’t have to worry about the cost of these individual services or the transportation itself – when they can focus on getting to work reliably, getting doctor’s appointments, or getting their kids to school on time, and they do not We don’t have to be price sensitive – do we get better social results? ”asked Ms. Ricks.

The question also goes back to the original dilemma: Can MaaS lure people out of their cars?

So far, the evidence of a modal shift seems shaky. In Finland, Whim and other operators never had a large following, and the pandemic allegedly troubled finances. The past year and a half hasn’t been time for travel routines. And it cannot be in 2022 either.

But compared to the automobile, a centuries-old invention, the concept of one-stop-shop transit is brand new, Hietanen said; Growing pains are only natural. “The one who creates dreams will win this,” he added. “And we can create dreams. We just do it in a slightly different format. “

So it’s time to get creative. Can car-free traffic be bundled in other ways? There is at least one place in the United States that is making a strong attempt.

In September, Culdesac Tempe, a 17-acre facility outside of Phoenix that bills itself as “the first completely new car-free neighborhood in the US,” announced that residents moving in next year will have access to a mobility package, the one Platinum Pass with Valley Metro, the public transport agency with unlimited free travel on trams, buses, and the light rail; free use of over 100 Bird e-scooters; and discounts on Lyft rides and Envoy electric car rentals. (There are also over 1,000 bicycle spaces.) Everything is included in the rental price.

Developers, said Lava Sunder, general manager of Culdesac Tempe, have a long history of mixing with local transport, from building tram lines to offering free parking. Yours is just a new take on tradition.

“We have heard from local residents that they have different mobility preferences,” said Ms. Sunder. “There is no one size fits all for mobility.”


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