IPVanish and NordVPN are two virtual private network (VPN) providers that we recently reviewed here on this page. This comparison of the two providers can help internet users choose the right provider for their use cases. You may be amazed that the products differ in many areas including price, features, and privacy.

This is what the comparison covers:

  • Place of jurisdiction and data protection – do the providers keep their data protection promises, e.g. that nothing is logged?
  • Application and protocol support – which apps are provided and which VPN protocols are supported?
  • Features – which VPN provider offers the better features?
  • Media streaming – how good is the streaming support, e.g. can customers watch Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime?
  • Speed ​​tests – how good are the servers?
  • Support – Which company has the best support options?
  • Price – which of the two providers offers the best price-performance ratio?

IPVanish vs. NordVPN at a glance

IPVanish NordVPN
Jurisdiction United States of America Panama
server More…

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