iPhone 14 Pro rumors sound huge – but I’d still get the iPhone 14


Compared to the series of rumored features for the iPhone 14 prothat iPhone 14 due out later this year sounds pretty overwhelming. And with each new round of leaks, the iPhone 14 Pro seems to be picking up more promising features while the iPhone 14 fades just a little more.

I’m here to tell you less than six months before the possible iPhone 14 release date not believing the hype – or in this case, the lack of hype. Yes, the first words about the iPhone 14 were not encouraging, especially considering all the rumors surrounding the Pro model. But Apple won’t sacrifice its more affordable flagships just to build the iPhone 14 Pro buzz.

You can certainly be forgiven if you think otherwise. That latest rumor about Apple’s mobile phone release in autumncourtesy of a report in BloombergIt paints a real picture of haves and have-nots. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to get the A16 Bionic processor, an upgraded 48-megapixel main camera, and a new design that will finally jettison the iPhone’s distinctive notch. The iPhone 14 is expected to get… none of that.

iPhone 14 Pro renders are everywhere, the iPhone 14 not so much. (Image credit: Volodymyr Lenard)

In fact, this fall’s standard iPhone will reportedly be powered by the same A15 chipset found in the current device iPhone 13 pro models. That’s not exactly what gets people finding a steady route to the door of their nearest Apple Store.

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