To standardize mobile security, 20 different companies worked with the Alliance of the Internet of Security Things (ioXt) has been working on adding a new set of security and privacy requirements for mobile apps and VPNs.

Google, Amazon, NowSecure, the NCC Group, DEKRA, Onware Security and 7layers are among the companies that have contributed to the new ioXt Mobile Application Profile standard.

The new requirements are an extension of ioXt’s existing compliance program. They also build on standards set by the VPN trust initiative.

According to Google, the ioXt Mobile Application Profile provides a security foundation that can help mitigate common threats and reduce the likelihood of significant security breaches.

The ioXt believes that this new standard will bring transparency and visibility to consumers and improve IoT security.

Mobile app test provider NowSecure will provide automatic scans of applications submitted through the …

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