Parental controls for iPhone and iPad are blocking searches with the word “Asian” on iPhone and iPad, according to a new report.

From The independent one::

Apple’s iPhones and iPads automatically block the word “Asian” when users enable built-in blockers for “adult content”.

In iOS 14, the company’s mobile operating system, users have the option to limit Screen Time settings. These settings include content and privacy sections, where parents can restrict web content between “unrestricted access”, “restrict adult websites” and “only allowed websites”.

According to the report, the “Restrict Adult Sites” setting prevents Safari from displaying content or searching for anything that has the word “Asian” in the title. The report found that such an attempt would be responded to with a message “The URL was blocked by a content filter”. According to The Independent, the feature also blocks searches with the words “teen”, “amateur” and “mature”:

“The URL was blocked by a content filter,” says the error message. The message will not appear when searching for the words “black”, “white”, “Arabic”, “Korean” or “French” – other popular racial categories on pornographic websites – or “schoolgirl”, but will be activated when users do Search for “teen”, “amateur”, and “mature”.

Twitter users Steven Shen The problem was reportedly discovered and reported to Apple in December, but to no avail. While the filters are obviously targeting popular categories on pornographic websites, the filter also blocks searches for phrases like “Asian food” or “Asian countries”. The problem does not occur on the Mac.

An expert told The Independent that this was “unlikely” to be an intentional coding problem and more like an AI bug.

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