iOS 16 confirms the death of this iPad HomeKit feature


Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Want to use your iPad to power your HomeKit house? Apple has bad news for you.

Discovered by MacRumors Contributor Steve Moser, Apple has confirmed that it will no longer support the iPad as a HomeKit hub if iPad OS 16 starts this fall. The company is showing users a warning in the Home app, alerting them to the change:

As spotted in the iOS 16 code by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser, Apple says the iPad will no longer be supported as a home hub. This information will be displayed in the Home app after updating to iOS 16.

“A home hub is required for features like receiving accessory notifications and letting others control your home. You can’t view shared homes until those homes are also updated to the latest HomeKit. iPad is no longer supported as a home hub.”

If you used an iPad as your HomeKit hub until now, you should plan for the switch before installing Apple’s latest software updates on your devices this fall. Luckily, there are two devices that can double as your HomeKit hub: the apple tv and the HomePod Mini.

It’s not surprising that Apple is removing the iPad as a HomeKit hub option, especially now that it has the HomePod mini and Apple TV together. Both devices are the ones you obviously expect to leave at home, unlike the iPad, which serves more like a portable device that you take outside of your home.

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