We saw tons of Apple software updates at WWDC 2021, but some features that we expected were left out.

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At his WWDC event On Monday, Apple unveiled the latest versions of its main operating systems: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, MacOS Monterey and WatchOS 8. While these updates include some highly anticipated new features – like the ability for Android users can participate in FaceTime calls, advanced data protection options and dual screen controls for Works on Macs and iPads – some notable, rumored features were not implemented, at least this time. We also haven’t seen any new Apple hardware, like New AirPods 3 or MacBook Pros.

Here are some of the software features we thought might but might not show up at Monday’s event.

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WWDC21: iOS 15 and all of its best features


Extended display support for iPads with monitors


While you can work with the universal controls on your Mac and iPad, we were hoping for more support for external iPad displays.

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While Apple “universal control“so that you can turn your Mac keyboard and trackpad or mouse into one, too control your iPad, it’s not the same as expanding your iPad to your desktop or other attached display, which would be a more impressive productivity boost. But perhaps it signals that a major shift in this direction may be on the horizon.

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Improved battery life or innovations with low power consumption for Apple Watch

Although WatchOS 8 adds a number of new features Health features and app updates, an improvement in the battery life or the energy-saving mode is still missing – something that the wearable urgently needs, especially if you wear it overnight to keep track of your sleep.

New iPadOS functions for M1 iPad Pros

Apples M1-powered iPad professionals Drastically improved tablet performance and battery life. But the iPad still runs the same operating system – and largely the same apps – as any other iPad. We thought we might see some interesting new upgrades in iPadOS 15 for iPad Pros that take advantage of the M1 chip, but that wasn’t the case.

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iPadOS 15: How it changes the iPad and what else it …


CarKey updates

Apple presented it at WWDC last year car key, the ability to add virtual car keys to your Apple Wallet that allow you to open and unlock your car using your iPhone’s NFC chip. While iOS 15 adds the ability Save driver’s license and ID card No CarKey updates were mentioned in your Apple Wallet.

Game-changing FaceTime features so it can rival Zoom


You can now play a song or video while on a FaceTime video call, and everyone in the call can listen to or watch it together.


iOS 15 includes a few Important updates for Apple’s FaceTime Video chat service including spatial audio, a grid view, portrait orientation, and the ability to plan calls in advance and invite those who come with Android and Windows devices to participate in FaceTime calls from their browsers. A new feature called SharePlay You can also watch shows and listen to music with others through FaceTime. While these are great upgrades, they come more than a year after they would have been most useful during the pandemic, and don’t add anything groundbreaking that would make FaceTime a real competitor to the industrial mammoth Zoominghow better cross-platform options (and of course backgrounds).

More tapback options in iMessage

While iMessage received several upgrades in iOS 15, including better sharing functions, we haven’t seen any new tapback options, so we have the same message reactions we already have (heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, ha ha, exclamation point or question mark).

Redesigned iPhone widgets

iOS 14 iPhone Widgets Beta

Apple added iPhone widgets in iOS 14 last year.

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While the widgets of the iPhone in iPadOS 15 finally found their way onto the iPad, iOS 15 did not receive any new widget options such as more customization and interactivity.

More exercises in the Breathe app

The popular one Breathe app is getting an update with a new animation to help you focus and a “reflex” mode that asks you to think about something and improve mindfulness. But it won’t involve different types of breathing exercises.

Was there anything else you wanted announced at WWDC 2021? Tone in the comments below.

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