Real-time streaming is a business imperative for digital transformation

Customers are changing rapidly to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. Cloud design patterns and event streaming are critical to their success. They rely on real-time event streaming and data processing to simplify, automate, and combine real-time results with historical data stored in data repositories to drive business innovation. Key trends like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous mobile devices, and IoT have resulted in a data explosion that has prompted customers to modernize their data platforms and take advantage of fully managed offerings that take the burden off operational complexities.

The Azure cloud platform offers a variety of functions and services in this regard. However, we are always looking for ways to offer you more choice, ease of use and a pleasant experience. We announce the collaboration with Confluent, a popular provider of Apache Kafka managed service for event streaming. This service enables you to provision Confluent Cloud resources using Azure client interfaces such as the Azure portal, command line interface (CLI), and software development kits (SDK). The other integration points include single sign-on with Azure Active Directory and unified billing via Azure. You have the option to fall back on existing Azure obligations to use the Confluent Cloud service.

“The urgency of real-time applications has grown exponentially and will only accelerate further as more companies transform their digital services. Event streaming supports modern applications with real-time events from across the company. We’re excited to be working with Microsoft to help companies stay ahead of fast-paced demand with Confluent Cloud, seamlessly available on the Azure platform. Event-driven applications using Apache Kafka can now be built faster and easier than ever before. “- – Jay Kreps, Co-Founder and CEO of Confluent.

Rapid provision of Confluent Cloud resources in the Azure ecosystem

Azure customers who want to use third-party managed offerings like Confluent’s Kafka service are faced with the challenge of having different workflows, such as: For example, creating and managing resources and users in Azure and the managed third-party offering separately. This process can be complex and time consuming. These customers expect to deploy and manage Confluent Cloud resources along with their Azure resources as part of a unified workflow.

Confluent and Microsoft have worked together to develop a new integration feature between Azure and Confluent Cloud that will make customer journeys easier, safer and more seamless. This service is now available as a Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud via Azure Marketplace.

The integrated optimized experience between Azure and Confluent Cloud

With the new integration, you can create and manage Confluent organizations through the Azure client interfaces such as portal, command line interface, and Azure SDKs. You can now use existing Azure Active Directory identities for Single Sign-On (SSO) in Confluent Cloud directly from Azure. Confluent cloud usage can be billed as part of your monthly Azure bill, with the option to pull in existing Azure commits. No additional billing or procurement steps are required. Confluent Cloud organizations can be tracked and managed with the rest of the Azure resources.

Confluent will continue to run and support the SaaS application hosted on Azure, which includes environments, clusters, topics, API keys and managed connectors. This integration combines the global presence, flexibility, security, and compliance of Azure with the Kafka capabilities managed by Confluent to create a seamless experience for enterprise customers.

The manual connection of data from different systems within a company can quickly become a challenge due to the development effort and the associated maintenance. With Confluent Cloud, you can leverage fully managed connectors developed for popular Azure and Microsoft services, including Azure functions, Azure blob storage, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Start provisioning Confluent Cloud resources on Azure

Here is the step-by-step process for configuring Confluent Cloud resources through the Azure portal.

Set up and subscribe for Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud. Discover the service easily on the Azure Marketplace.

Deployment in Azure: Seamlessly provision confluent organizations through the Azure portal.

Seamlessly provision confluent organizations through the Azure portal.

Single sign-on to Confluent Cloud: Log in directly to the Confluent Cloud service without any additional login or login required.

Log in directly to the Confluent Cloud service without any additional login or login required.

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