Internet Explorer is hilariously serenaded after 27 long years of browser history


If you were an Internet user in the 90’s, you surely had an encounter with Internet Explorer. In the early days of Microsoft Windows, it was hard to avoid — at some point, you almost always accidentally clicked on it. I remember the frenzy of trying to close it before it fully opened. Let’s face it, Internet Explorer was the worst. But it was also a fundamental part of early internet culture. And while no one uses it anymore, we’ll surely miss it… maybe.

Microsoft announced in 2021 that Internet Explorer would no longer exist on June 15, 2022 and is sticking to its word. “The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and will no longer be supported on June 15, 2022 for certain versions of Windows 10.” read his announcement. Of course, people have used the internet to share their feelings, which of course are just as awesome as we would expect the internet to be.

“no internet explorer joining the 27 club,” one user continued Twitter wrote.

“Internet Explorer will finally shut down on June 15 after 27 years. Seems a bit delayed, I clicked close 26 years ago.” someone else tweeted.

“Goodbye Internet Explorer. They will be missed by none other than old boomers who don’t know how to install a better web browser.” read another.

Many people have given the browser props for one of its best features: using it to download another browser. I remember using it to download Firefox and Chrome.

Even actor Ryan Reynolds attended the memorials.

Back in 1995, Microsoft introduced Windows users with Internet Explorer as an alternative to Netscape Navigator, which it later replaced. We all remember there was a point when you couldn’t be a Windows user without being forced to use IE. It was so slow that it could take up to 10 minutes to download an image. If I close my eyes I can see the small pages fly into the folder.

According to AP, the Justice Department sued Microsoft in 1997 for making IE a fundamental part of the user experience. It claimed Microsoft “violated an earlier consent decree by requiring computer manufacturers to use their browser as a condition of using Windows.” In 2002, Microsoft settled an antitrust dispute over claims that it created a Windows monopoly. The company faced a similar battle in Europe, where regulators claimed that tying Internet Explorer to Windows would penalize browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

Just because Internet Explorer ends up in the Internet graveyard alongside AOL Instant Messenger, BlackBerry and the Microsoft Word paperclip doesn’t mean that Windows is out of the browser game.

In 2015 Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge which will be its primary browser. Microsoft describes Edge as “a faster, safer and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer”. It reassures users that Microsoft Edge will continue to support the “legacy sites” that required Internet Explorer to run.

“Instead of using ‘this browser for this website’ and ‘this browser for this website’, you can now just use Microsoft Edge,” it said.

Despite the alternative, there’s no denying that the demise of Internet Explorer marks the end of a bygone era. It may have been slow and not user friendly, but it’s part of our history. Thanks to the little browser that could do that.

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