International Network of Nuclear Safety Training and Support Centers marks 10th


    Representatives from several of the 66 member countries of the International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centers (NSSC Network) gathered last week to celebrate 10 years of working together to strengthen the sustainability of national nuclear security regimes around the world.

    Launched in 2012, initially with the support of 29 countries, and coordinated by the IAEA, the NSSC network enhances the work of national Nuclear Security Support Centers by promoting international collaboration by bringing these centers into a community of practice for its members connects. National Nuclear Safety Support Centers help promote a culture of nuclear safety by providing appropriate staff training programs, technical support services for managing the life cycle of nuclear safety equipment, and scientific support services for providing expertise, analysis, and research and development. Since its inception, the NSSC network has more than doubled its membership.

    “The growth of…

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