Intel engineers have worked on “Vdmabuf” as a VirtIO-based DMA-BUF driver for the Linux kernel. This driver is intended for the growing use cases with multiple GPUs and also for cases of GPU virtualization, in which content is to be transferred seamlessly to the host for display purposes.

The virtual DMA-BUF The driver was listed under the “Request for Comments” flag and will certainly become important for copy-free buffer sharing not only for desktop users, but also in the servers / in the cloud in view of the growing discrete GPU efforts and GPU virtualization from Intel .

The patch cover letter sums up this new driver well:

The Virtual Dmabuf or Virtio-based Dmabuf (Vdmabuf) driver can be used to “push” a page-secured Dmabuf created in the guest to the host without making copies. Most often this is accomplished by rebuilding the dmabuf on the host using the PFNs and other metadata shared by the guest. One use case that this driver fits well is in a multi-GPU system (possibly a discrete and a …


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