These 2 penny stocks could rise by over 300%, according to analysts

Risk and reward often go hand in hand, which makes the stock market both lucrative and dangerous. The best examples of this axiom include the penny stocks, stocks priced at $ 5 or less. With this low price comes the potential for extreme profits, as even a small incremental price increase will result in a high percentage profit. JPMorgan’s head of small and midcap equity strategy Eduardo Lecubarri sees both the opportunities and the dangers in the current market environment – and the great potential of small-cap stocks that have room to run. “The first quarter could be difficult following the strong gains since November and valuations at all-time highs. However, the outlook for the year is encouraging given the much stronger fundamental tailwind. Such positive backdrop should lead investors to chase the few stocks that are still offering a big upside rebound as they appear to have started doing so since the start of the year. It is for…

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