VMware Workstation is the base product from VMware that enables the virtualization of operating systems.
With the VMWare Player you can configure virtual machines in a playful way. The software is also widely used in the personal area. If you are using Debian 11 Bullseye Linux, here is how to install VMware Player on it.

With the help of virtualization, we can install multiple operating systems on one computer without paying anything for free software like VMware Player and VirtualBox. It is software that provides a simple virtual environment on Linux and Windows. For example, you can quickly try Linux or ChromeOS and quickly get rid of them if you don’t like them. You can also run other Windows operating systems on it.

As soon as the VM is created, the “VMware Workstation Player” forwards the hardware of the computer to the virtual system, for example the built-in memory or the network cards. If the host is online, the virtual machines used also come to the …

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