Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app, says company boss


Instagram boss Adam Mosseri recently spoke on Twitter about the company’s plans for the second half of 2021. In the video, Mosseri outlined some of the changes that will come to Instagram in the next few months and what the company will focus on in the future.

One of the key takeaways from the video is Mosseri’s admission of the nature of the service, which many have speculated about for some time. “We’re no longer a photo sharing app.” says Mosseri halfway through the video.

Instead, the company focuses on four things: creators, video, shopping, and messaging. Video in particular seems to be a big focus for Instagram, as it now sees itself as an entertainment service, similar to YouTube and TikTok. The company will introduce video-focused changes such as: B. Full screen, mobile-first video, and featured video content on the timeline that you may not be following.

None of the above changes would come as a surprise to anyone who has used the service in the past few years. With the development of competition, the company has been constantly changing and transforming to keep up with the latest trend. The current version of the app is barely recognizable with all the new things that have been pinned on lately and the old is constantly being pushed out of the way.

Mosseri’s latest video is part of a series of videos he recently posted in which he speaks openly and transparently about how the company works, something Instagram has never done in the past. He recently Posted a video explaining how the infamous Instagram algorithm works to arrange your timeline, explore, and reels, and how things like prohibiting shadows work.

The latest video is also commendable for how open it is to the changes ahead; Mosseri also mentions TikTok and YouTube directly at one point, how popular they are and how Instagram has to adapt to compete against them.

But while all of this may be fine, and it’s undeniably good to have a clear dictation of where the company is going, it’s also clear that those of us who have used it as a photo-sharing app are likely to be looking elsewhere should.

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