Inspur Information Cloud-Native Computing Platform for Arm SystemRea…


SAN JOSE, California–()–Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, has joined the Arm® SystemReady™ program and has received the highest level of Arm SystemReady SR certification. Thanks to a standardized design that can be adapted across systems, Inspur Information is able to meet the increasingly diverse customer needs for different application scenarios in the new age of big data and cloud computing.

Inspur Information announces NF5280R6, its first product supporting ARM-based Ampere®Altra® and Ampere®Altra® Max® Cloud Native Processors designed for modern cloud infrastructures. The 2U dual-socket NF5280R6 platform is Arm SystemReady certified and supports up to 256 high-performance CPU cores that deliver predictable performance, scale linearly, and consume less power. The NFS280R6 platform will improve rack density by more than 36% while reducing power consumption by more than 41% compared to legacy x86 platforms. Additionally,…

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