In September 2020 we analyzed the major challenges IT organizations face and when Management of up-to-date business-critical infrastructures. Security issues, high costs, and difficulties updating their environments were at the fore. Conversely, moving to the cloud was helpful in overcoming many of these hurdles. Customers who have completed the transition often cite the following benefits:

  • Improved security and compliance.
  • Better performance and lower latency from mission-critical systems.
  • Faster implementation times for the infrastructure.
  • Greater agility (due to the ability to modernize existing systems and develop new functions at the same time).

When companies rely on the cloud to run their core business processes, they can also reap significant operational benefits. This is especially true in a climate of uncertainty. Because of this, the rate at which organizations continue to migrate their applications to the cloud is not slowing either, and that includes business-critical applications.

A wide range of business critical applications

We have also seen the range of business and mission critical applications expand and evolve beyond traditional recording systems. We see this pattern in nearly every industry as they drive their digital transformation initiatives.

During the upcoming webinar miniseries Insights and how-tos for running business-critical apps on AzureI will be asking a few customers and ISVs who have adopted Azure as a platform for delivering core business critical applications to share their experiences with us during their cloud journey. To better serve customers, we also want to understand how these unprecedented times have impacted cloud migration priorities on a larger scale. To this end, we provide you with updated research from Forrester and authentic perspectives from your industry peers.

In this three-part Azure webinar miniseries, you can:

  • Contact Forrester to learn about the critical success factors to consider when creating your cloud migration strategy for business-critical applications.
  • Learn how you can continuously improve the resilience and performance of business-critical applications with the latest innovations that we make available in Azure.
  • Review real-world examples, reference architectures, and learn best practices from Riversand, Teradata, and Unit4.

Part 1: Move your business-critical applications to the cloud

During the first webinar, our guest speaker Tracy Woo, Senior Infrastructure and Operations Analyst at Forrester Research, will share the latest market trends over the past few months. I’ll also share some of the features Microsoft recently rolled out to Azure to help customers accelerate the deployment of business-critical applications in the cloud. During this session, we will focus on scalability, security, compliance, and availability. To bring all of this information into the context of the actual customer environment, we will then have a panel discussion with the Riversand executives. We’ll see how they used the capabilities offered by Azure to deploy their master data management and product information management solutions.

Part 2: scale your data analytics platform based on the needs in Azure

We often only talk about business-critical applications, but data is just as critical, if not more, than the application itself. During the second webinar, we will invite Teradata subject matter experts to review best practices for helping your large data warehouse environments perform well Manage in Azure. Teradata has been providing cloud-based data warehousing, business intelligence and data analysis solutions to companies for several years. Our speakers will examine various aspects related to Teradata Vantage, including its security features, how to deal with hybrid cloud deployments, scalability factors and additional recommendations for cloud-based data analysis platforms. I’ll also share the latest innovation we’ve brought to market with new Azure hard drive storage capabilities, including shared hard drives, and how you can scale the hard drive storage performance up and down for your critical applications with no downtime.

Part 3: Run your ERP solutions on Azure for increased security, availability, and compliance

When you think of business-critical applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems often come to mind first. Over the past few years, Unit4 has provided advanced ERP software solutions to industries such as professional services, public sector, nonprofits, and education. Unit4’s CTO will join us and bring proven best practices, guidance and authentic perspectives. It is also important how Unit4 controls the delivery strategies of its customers. We’ll hear about their cloud journey, from an IaaS-based lift-and-shift strategy to cloud-native microservices-based environments. I’ll also share the latest Azure capabilities we’re making available to customers to help them continually improve the security, compliance, and resilience of their mission-critical applications, including the ability to encrypt your data while it’s in use.

During these three sessions we will answer online questions from the audience to cover related areas of particular interest.

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