The Graviton family of arm server chips, developed by the Annapurna Labs division of Amazon Web Services, is arguably the highest-volume arm server chip family in the data center market today, and it has exactly one – and only one – customer. Well, direct customer.

These two facts support the design choices Annapurna Labs made to create increasingly powerful ARM server processors, and they differ from the other two relatively high volume ARM server CPUs that are server-focused today, namely the A64FX Processor from Fujitsu and the Altra family from Ampere Computing. There are other Arm server chips in development for specific regions and use cases, as it always seems, but none of them look like they will be volume products like the Graviton and Altra families will be; The Fujitsu A64FX is a volume product in that the main machine that uses it is the “Fugaku” supercomputer in the RIKEN Lab in Japan,

AWS has introduced its third generation Graviton3 …

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