The challenges of the past year have shown that serving and making a difference is more important than ever to one another, our communities and the world around us. In order to persevere and drive business success, companies must be future-proof, building on their conditions, Run hybrid seamlessly, and all of this with an uncompromising basis of trust. Microsoft Azure is committed to helping any business achieve just that, as detailed in our announcements at this week’s Microsoft Inspire.

Expand your options with new Azure infrastructure capabilities

Over 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies are transforming their businesses with Azure, relying on enterprise-class infrastructure and deep integration with the rest of the Microsoft cloud. Azure is designed for all workloads – offers the best virtual experience with Windows 10 (and now Windows 11) for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), offers the lowest total cost of ownership for Windows Server and SQL workloads, growing Linux workloads and open source databases (More than half of all Azure VMs run on Linux) and support special workloads such as SAP, VMware, High Performance Computing (HPC) and more.

For Windows Server and SQL Server workloads, customers can take advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit and – announced today –three years of free extended security updates for Windows Server 2012 / R2 and SQL Server 2012 running on Azure.

For all of these workloads, cloud migration can be a huge project. We strive to make the journey easier and ensure customers receive tailored assistance. We have expanded ours Azure migration and modernization program offers new scenarios that help modernize any app, regardless of the framework or supporting database, into a wide range of managed services, including Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service and – starting today – Azure Spring Cloud and Azure Cosmos DB

Bring innovation anywhere with Azure’s hybrid and multi-cloud approach

A hybrid and multi-cloud approach corresponds to the way our customers view their company. Azure Arc is key to our approach to helping customers run hybrid solutions seamlessly. Enabled by Azure Arc, customers can too Bring Azure services into any existing infrastructure, including other clouds, to take advantage of Azure anywhere. This contains Running managed databases like Azure SQL and Azure PostgreSQL on the infrastructure of your choice, as well Expanding machine learning to the limit to run models close to where the data is located.

Azure Arc also integrates with Azure Lighthouse, so partners can manage multiple customer resources in edge, data center and multi-cloud environments. With the general availability of Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc On July 30, 2021, managed service providers using Azure Lighthouse can manage cloud data services (besides Windows, Linux and Kubernetes) in any on-premises infrastructure or in any cloud environment that a customer needs without having to change existing tools or Processes.

Azure Stack HCI helps customers modernize data centers with a hybrid solution of hyper-converged infrastructure that is tightly integrated with Azure. New for Azure Stack HCI, it is now possible to simplify the activation of guest licensing with Automatic Virtual Machine Activation (AVMA), and with a secure core server, customers benefit from extended protection with in-depth protection across multiple levels of hardware firmware and operating systems. We’re also excited to announce a new partner program to validate ISV software and SI services for the Azure Stack family with promotional activities for the partner solutions. To find out more, contact the Azure Stack Affiliate Program. Besides, this is new advanced specializations for partners for Azure Stack HCI and Azure Arc, eligible partners are available for advanced training and certification.

Innovation with Azure data

Our commitment to developers is to make Azure the best cloud for building intelligent cloud-native applications that harness the power of data and AI.

We announced recently several updates to Azure Cosmos DB that further improve its performance and help developers and ISVs innovate with Azure Cosmos DB. Serverless Azure Cosmos DB is only charged for resources used and is ideal for applications with sharp traffic patterns. Integrated Azure Cosmos DB cache cuts costs by up to 96 percent and increases performance by up to 300 percent for read-intensive workloads. Always encrypted for Azure Cosmos DB enables the client-side encryption of sensitive data before it is stored in a database. Role-based access control in Azure Cosmos DB (RBAC) allows administrators to create Azure Active Directory roles with specific database access permissions.

We’ve also improved the developer experience in Azure Cosmos DB by adding a significant Expansion of the free tier of Azure Cosmos DB. Application developers now have more flexibility for free innovation with provisioned throughput of 1,000 RU / s and 25 GB of free storage per month.

With these improvements to Azure Cosmos DB, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to build new cloud-native applications on Azure. And when developers use the globally available serverless Azure Cosmos DB with the highly elastic serverless Azure functions, You receive a unique combination that solves complex orchestration problems and enables business-critical, self-directed modern applications.

Go limitless with Azure Analytics

Collecting operational data in a cloud-native application with Azure Cosmos DB is just the beginning. With a single click, customers receive insights into this data in almost real time Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB. This low-cost, cloud-native HTAP implementation enables organizations to bring cutting-edge analytics to their business without the need for ETL or the performance of their operating system.

To live up to our commitment to making analytics in Azure the most powerful and secure experience, we continue to innovate with Azure Synapse Analysis. We recently announced several new features and offerings to help accelerate our rollout, including Azure Synapse Pathway, which significantly accelerates data warehouse migrations by automating SQL code conversion in Azure Synapse. New Azure Synapse business value assessments Help partners create value conversations with customers considering upgrading their analytics solution. The Migration offer for Azure Synapse increases cost savings for customers migrating on-premises data warehouses to Azure Synapse in addition to existing discounts on reserved capacity. And the Limited time offer for free amounts of Azure Synapse enables customers with qualifying subscription types to take advantage of serverless features and up to 10 TB of free queries per month, as well the optimized Apache Spark features for big data workloads with up to 120 free vCore hours per month.

Discover and control better than ever with comprehensive data governance

With the volume, type, source, and connectivity of data growing exponentially, the need to discover and manage that data across an enterprise has never been greater. Azure support is a unified data management and governance solution that helps companies gain a deeper understanding of their data. It helps to discover, classify, protect and manage data everywhere: on-premises, across clouds (including support for Amazon Web Services S3), in SaaS applications and in Microsoft Power BI. Users can easily create a holistic, up-to-date map of their data landscape with automated data recognition, sensitive data classification and consistent data origin. With Azure Purview, data consumers can maximize the value and trustworthiness of their company’s data across the entire database.

Learn more and get started

To learn more, watch the Microsoft Inspire session Cloud to edge innovation on your terms. You can also Learn more about Azure and get started with 12 months of free services from Create your free Azure account today.

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