The Infostellar management team and investor group (photo by Infostellar)

Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS) provider based in Tokyo Infostellar confirms that the mission control software StellarStation Amazon web services‘(AWS) ground station capabilities as a result of a new partnership, the two companies announced on Wednesday June 30th.

Infostellar CEO Naomi Kurahara said the combination would provide the company’s satellite operator customers with faster and easier download speeds for geospatial data for faster decision-making on Earth, as well as the ability to schedule contacts across both ground networks from a single planning interface. AWS will partner with Infostellar on customer onboarding, including spectrum licensing.

“Using the AWS Ground Station enables Infostellar to expand our infrastructure very quickly by adding key locations to our global network of ground stations,” said Kurahara. “AWS also shows the …

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