The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a non-profit organization, recently published its findings the state of cloud security practices.

The survey, “Cloud security concerns, challenges, and incidents“reflects the experience and perspective of nearly 1,900 InfoSec users. The respondents represented different market segments around the world.

The number of respondents running 41% or more of their workloads in the public cloud has doubled in two years from 25% in 2019 to 50% in 2021. 63% of respondents assume that they will exceed the threshold of 41% this year.

A clear majority of respondents use security functions from cloud providers. 74 percent use “native security controls”. Impressively, 71% use “additional security controls” offered by the provider.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have long offered basic functions such as identity access management and encryption. All three providers have expanded to …


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