Industrial control system security requires ICS threat intelligence


    Industrial control systems have traditionally been protected from security threats due to their lack of external connectivity and the proprietary nature of their hardware and software. Today, however, ICS that oversee manufacturing processes and support key infrastructure such as transportation systems and power distribution grids are no longer isolated.

    In fact, these systems now run on standards-based architectures and technologies, and use the internet to connect to other ICS, IT and IoT systems. This interconnectivity has led to innovation and reduced costs as it enabled organizations to remotely manage, monitor and control their ICS.

    But it has also dramatically increased the vulnerability of ICS to cyber attacks.

    Why ICS threat intelligence is so important

    Strong, effective ICS security is a must. Any compromise could result in loss of life and environmental disaster. The high availability requirements of ICS mean that security measures must not only be able to detect attacks, but also…

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