MUMBAI – Indian tech startups, including one of India’s leading fintech startups, Mobikwik, and business-to-business platform Bizongo, have come under fire in recent weeks due to recurring data breaches, calling for stricter data protection laws and more investment in cybersecurity.

Last week, Bizongo reported a hack that exposed 2.5 million customer files, while hackers at Upstox, a stockbroker, also breached security systems and stole data from 2.5 million customers.

“Bizongo left customer data unsecured on their misconfigured Amazon Web Services,” said a post on Website Planet, a web development company. “For a period of time, the names, addresses, numbers, and financial details of buyers and sellers were exposed to potentially harmful third parties.”

Mobikwik was also hit by hackers. As recently as last month, it was revealed that a huge amount of data on 3.5 million Mobikwik consumers was for sale on the Internet, which is the country due to the …


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