Indian government employees are banned from using VPNs and Google Drive


The Indian government restricts its employees from using VPNs, Dropbox and Google Drive, among a range of other services. It has also announced other restrictions. Last month the GoI warned VPN companies to follow their rules. Alternatively, they could leave the country. It ordered VPN service providers must collect users’ data for at least five years. The VPN companies would have to make the stored data available to the government.

The order also applies to crypto and cloud companies. The GoI order prompted some shocking reactions from VPN providers. NordVPN AWAY his network to protect his data. ExpressVPN followed in his footsteps and ended its network in the country. Therefore, VPN providers are not willing to share data with GoI. Therefore, GoI now ensures that its employees do not use VPN services.

The government has ordered its employees not to use third-party cloud platforms. As a result, GoI staff will no longer use Dropbox and Google Drive. Also, they can’t use ExpressVPN…

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