India: NordVPN is Closing VPN Servers in India Effective June 26th


NordVPN will shut down its servers in India starting June 26th, becoming the third virtual private network provider to pull servers from India. The move follows a data request policy from the top government Cyber ​​Security Agency which will come into effect at the end of June.

A company spokesman said it will be removing its servers on June 26, stating that NordVPN will not be able to guarantee privacy for its users.

NordVPN users will start receiving in-app shutdown notifications starting June 20th.

NordVPN is the third VPN provider to leave India following an April 28th cybersecurity directive from CERT-In that, among other things, requires VPN companies to store basic information about customers, including IP addressesNames, email ids and more.

“We adhere to a strict privacy policy, which means we do not collect or store any customer data. No-logging features are embedded in our server architecture and form the core of our principles and standards”, Laura Tyrylyte,…

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