India is developing indigenous anti-drone technology to stave off the growing threat from these devices on the country’s borders and will soon be made available to security forces, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday.

Speaking on behalf of the Modi government, on the occasion of the 57th Raising Day of the Border Security Force (BSF), Shah said that border security is national security and that it is committed to providing the force with the best border protection technology in the world.

He noted that for the first time since 1965, when the BSF was founded, it was celebrating its Raising Day function on the border.

“A country can thrive and advance in the world when it is safe. You keep the country safe … Always remember that by guarding the borders you are ensuring the security of the country and providing a platform for it worldwide. ” Shah told BSF staff.

He said the government will ensure that the best technology in the world is provided to the BSF ….


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