The modern day cloud computing platform dates back to 2006, although it was invented by JCR Licklider in the late 1960s, the use of these services has been known since 2006. Due to the increasing advances in modern technology and the use of the Internet. Cloud computing has come a long way and yet there is still more to be done due to the dynamic environment of emerging technologies.

What exactly is cloud computing and why are companies moving towards this platform, and how can this change the current business market.

Cloud computing refers to the provision of on-demand Computer services provided over the internet on a usage-based basis. Simply put, the user can save all data over the internet by using cloud storage services as opposed to the traditional forms like hard drive, pen drive, etc.

Before the era of cloud services, companies had to on site Data server to store and manipulate the data, which has more drawbacks and these …

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