The Microsoft cloud opportunity is stronger than ever With over 95 percent of the Fortune 500 companies using Azure, over 145 million daily active users in Microsoft Teams, and over 250,000 organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform to run and transform their businesses – recognize partners limitless potential. And partners are critical to helping companies in any industry respond to and adapt to the challenges of today’s world.

We invest in ours Partner ecosystem to help partners do business with us. From July 1st we have reduced our marketplace transaction fee from 20 percent to 3 percent. This reduced transaction fee shows our commitment to the success of partners who create value on our platform – and helps partners keep more of their margin to invest in their growth. This announcement at Microsoft Inspire, among others, confirms our commitment to support partners in getting to market faster, developing apps for every customer need and scaling them through our channels.

An unmatched way to develop apps for every customer need

Microsoft relies on our partners’ extensive expertise to develop the solutions our customers need most, and it is our number one priority to provide the platform, tools and resources our partners need to be able to use the Microsoft cloud to be succesfull.

Using the Microsoft Cloud was an important business decision for Icertis to deliver customer value through innovation. The entire value of Azure – from AI to blockchain to compute and storage – together with the shared data model of Dynamics 365 and then teams to work together enables us to deliver deep industry-specific solutions that drive our mission to be the global leader Contract intelligence. “

—Monish Darda, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Icertis

New build-with and go-to-market benefits for Microsoft 365

There is an untapped opportunity to develop productivity and collaborative applications in the new hybrid work reality. With the incredible reach of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva, Microsoft is investing to help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) accelerate their success with new benefits. Benefits include access to Microsoft technology, one-on-one consultation with Microsoft experts to help develop and develop collaborative applications and solutions for the employee experience, marketing resources to scale to new customers, and support to help you achieve co-sell status Increase visibility with our 15,000 plus Microsoft sales force.

Get benefits for Build Microsoft 365 apps.

Simplify the ISV Connect program for business applications

The ISV Connect business application program helps ISVs capitalize on the growing demand for line-of-business applications that leverage Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. At Microsoft Inspire, we’ve announced simplifications and improvements to the program – most importantly, we’re reducing the revenue sharing fees required to receive benefits and aligning ourselves with the newly announced standardized 3 percent transaction fee with the commercial marketplace. This simplified program will enable ISVs to realize benefits faster while reaching large-scale customers through Microsoft AppSource and harnessing the value of Microsoft’s marketing and sales engines.

Take part ISV Connect program for business applications.

Build your company quickly and future-proof with Azure

Azure has the tools and services to help partners drive application innovation for their customers, be it modernizing existing applications, building cloud-native intelligent applications, or optimizing the development process with DevOps.

And as hybrid workplaces become a new reality, more companies are using Azure Virtual Desktop every day to modernize their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment and stream apps to their employees and contractors with existing license entitlements. With the new monthly price option for access per user, companies can use Azure Virtual Desktop to provide their customers with apps from the cloud as a SaaS solution. This action provides access to Azure Virtual Desktop December 2021 free to help partners test and scale remote app streaming solutions with their customers.

Start as a Azure partner.

Gain unique customers and increase your presence worldwide

Almost every company in the world does business with Microsoft, and the commercial marketplace (including Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace) is the central engine for partners to reach and connect with customers. Forrester found that ISVs selling with Microsoft hit up to 400%1,2,3 Increase in deal sizes and an increase of up to 250 percent1.2 at leads.

Reduction in transaction fees – from 20 percent to 3 percent

We are pleased to announce that starting this month we will reduce the marketplace fees for transaction-ready offers from the industry standard 20 percent to 3 percent for all transactions – easily and predictably.

In addition to reducing transaction fees, we will expand the payment instruments available in Microsoft AppSource this year. This means customers have the flexibility to shop with credit cards or bills, and ISVs can offer custom pricing with private plans. And customers can purchase applications directly from Microsoft Teams, giving ISVs instant access to the 145 million daily active Microsoft Teams users. Additionally, ISVs can offer private pricing to customers to secure larger deals, and Teams IT can seamlessly purchase and install ISV apps from a single location in the Teams admin center.

Check out the video below of how Canada-based ISV UnlimitedViz – makers of tyGraph – took its business to new heights and scaled it to over six countries by selling on the commercial marketplace.

tyGraph and Azure video thumbnail

Publish in commercial marketplace.

Provide access to the largest sales channel

Our commercial marketplace is more than just a digital shop window. Publication on the marketplace is the only way to co-sell – whether directly via the storefront, via our channel with 90,000 resellers or with our global sales team of over 15,000 sellers.

New, better joint partner-to-partner opportunities

With over 90,000 cloud solution providers, this is a huge channel for our ISVs to instantly scale their application for new customers. On Microsoft Inspire, we announced the preview of new features that will help ISVs enable this channel. ISVs will be able to create new private offerings for resellers (cloud solution providers) and expand the margin to include resellers – which will incentivize resellers to sell their applications.

“With all the needs and demands that are placed on our customers today, they are looking for our partner community that shows itself to be a force.”

Efrem Stringfellow, VP, Partner Sales America, Citrix

Through the channel, ISVs can grow their business by expanding into new markets without the need for a local presence and attracting new customers through cloud solution providers. Cloud solution providers can expand their catalog with new ISV solutions from the commercial market and bundle their value-added services in order to offer customers end-to-end solutions to solve their business challenges. This creates stronger, better collaborative partner-to-partner opportunities to help our partners grow their businesses.

This facility is in private preview and will be generally available to all of our ISVs and cloud solution providers later this year.

Get the details in this session.

The upcoming year

Microsoft Inspire is about celebrating the role of partners and our mutual success. We hope you watch the 2021 digital event. Make sure you turn on the keynote and important meetings hosted by my colleagues and friends. Above all: Microsoft Cloud for ISVs – take your chance with Toby Bowers, General Manager for Business Applications and Casey McGee, VP for ISV Sales and Increase sales with the most partner-centric commercial marketplace with Tanuj Bansal, General Manager for Azure Marketing, and Jake Zborowski, General Manager for the commercial marketplace.

We strive to help partners realize their potential with the Microsoft Cloud – we can’t wait for the year to come.

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