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code in iPad OS 16 Beta showed that Apple – and only Apple – could potentially enable Stage Manager on iPads without the M1 processor.

Apple will not pre-M1 iPads due to performance concerns and capabilities that simply won’t be changed by the release of iPadOS 16, Apple has been confusingly saying in different ways since WWDC. But one setting in the code makes it clear that they thought about it and tested it.

After several days of conflicting accounts as to why the feature was limited, Apple’s senior vice president Craig Federighi said in a June 16 interview that the feature was only available on M1 iPads.

“I mean, we’d love to make it available everywhere,” says Apple Craig Federighi said recently about the M1 constraint. he said. “[But it’s]Just the M1 iPads that combined the high DRAM capacity with very high capacity and high performance NAND that allows our virtual memory swapping to be super fast…we just don’t have that ability on the other systems.”

If only as proof that Apple really tried Stage Manager on pre-M1 iPads, a new internal option has been found in the iPadOS 16 code.

The internal setting enables and disables “Chamois”, Apple’s codename for Stage Manager. This happens especially for what the code refers to as “legacy devices.” It is not a settings toggle switch, nor is it in any way user accessible.

Perhaps this is a sign that Apple’s developers have been, and may be still testing, Stage Manager on older iPads, a report from reports 9to5mac on late wednesday Expectations. However, it is more likely that the option has not yet been removed as the option is not accessible to users.

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