In order to secure the supply chain, the US needs locations for semiconductor chips


Boosting semiconductor production in the US remains a priority for experts focused on securing US supply chains for critical technologies and increasing competition from China.

China produces over a third of the essential components imported into the US for building technology products, said John VerWey, national security adviser for East Asia at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. VerWey spoke during a hearing on US-China competition in global supply chains held by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

“Chinese firms maintain monopolies or near-monopolies in many critical segments of the technology supply chain,” VerWey said during the hearing. “Especially in commodities, mining, refining and processing where in some cases the US confidence is 100%.”

Semiconductor manufacturing has attracted the most attention in the US and Europe. China is developing into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips. In the US, proposed legislation such as…

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