After the US Capitol uprising last week, the right wing social platform Parler came under scrutiny. It was already on people’s radar as a website where right-wing extremists lived, but it was only now that companies began to crack down on it.

First, Google and Apple removed the app from their app stores and then booted it from Amazon from its web hosting services. In this way, Amazon effectively removed Parler from the internet.

Parler’s CEO has stated this no one will touch them Now and in an act of desperation, Amazon is suing for the shutdown.

As reported by TechCrunchThe lawsuit filed in the US Western District Court is ubiquitous and states that Amazon is motivated by “political animus” before it is never mentioned again. They called it a conspiracy to help Twitter. It refers to “Hang Mike Pence” which is trending on Twitter without mentioning the whole section about terrorists singing this in the US Capitol and people on Twitter …

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