STANTON, Del. – Amazon’s largest, newest warehouse with more robots than ever before brings America closer to an automated future where machines do all the work, from food to laptops, from manufacturer to user. And do it faster.

While Amazon has been building increasingly automated warehouses since opening its first satellite center in 1997, five miles down in New Castle, Del., This $ 250 million storefront is something entirely different.

Inside the five-story factory – as large as 17 soccer fields or four of the tallest skyscrapers in Philadelphia – an electro-mechanical ballet that is performed by robots is played out in an eerie silence. Robotic vehicles, which are controlled by optical sensors and motion sensors, turn close to each other and select and transport Amazon’s huge range of goods from storage to delivery.

There are still workers unloading vendors’ trucks and stowing their contents – not on huge shelves that can be reached, but in two-meter-high piles …


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