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I’ve had the great opportunity to speak to a few people working with some of the most exciting next-gen technologies in our latest installment of the Inside Azure for IT series of fireside chats. Many of us, myself included, spend a lot of time focusing on challenges that need to be addressed today – this minute – and leave less time for creativity and longer-term planning. The same is true for many organizations. When organizations face downtime or traditional hardware limitations, or need to quickly adapt to new changes, it can limit productivity and stifle innovation.

What we’re hearing from IT leaders is that digital transformation becomes a reality when the technology they’re using—particularly a global, cloud-based infrastructure—allows them to move from getting their jobs done to innovating and prioritizing despite technology limitations.

In this episode, get a behind-the-scenes look at how three companies are using cutting-edge technologies like high-performance computing, quantum, and AI to solve complex challenges, drive innovation, and create new types of business impact.

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The episode is broken up into three separate segments so you can watch them individually on-demand at your convenience.

Part 1: Jeremy Smith and Karla Young on how Jellyfish Pictures virtualized their entire animation and visual effects studio with Azure

In this section, you’ll learn from Jeremy Smith, CTO, and Karla Young, Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications at Jellyfish Pictures how they create the amazing images we see in movies How to Train Your Dragon: Homecomingor some of the recent ones war of stars Movies – both big favorites for my family! By using Azure High Performance Computing to accelerate image rendering, they can spin up tens of thousands of cores at any time and securely manage all this rich content in a single place without replication.

look now: Animation virtualization with Azure High Performance Computing.

Part 2: Anita Ramanan and Viktor Veis on using quantum computing to solve a complex planning challenge for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

In the second segment, I talk to members of the Azure Quantum team – Anita Ramanan, Technical Program Manager Lead for Optimization in Azure Quantum, and Viktor Veis, Software Engineering Manager of the Azure Quantum Group – about a project they have been working on at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. They share how they used quantum-inspired algorithms to schedule spacecraft communications in minutes instead of hours — and how Azure Quantum can solve similar challenges in almost every industry, from manufacturing to healthcare.

look now: A quantum-inspired approach to planning communications in space.

Part 3: Alex Oelling on how Volocopter powers an urban air mobility ecosystem of self-flying air taxis and drone services with Azure infrastructure and AI

In the third segment, I chat with Alex Oelling, Chief Digital Officer at Volocopter, about how they bring urban air travel to life in major cities. As a true pioneer in providing air taxi and drone services in urban environments, Volocopter is building a cloud-based solution for collaborating with smart cities and existing mobility operations using Azure infrastructure and AI.

look now: Breakthrough urban air travel in major cities with Azure infrastructure and AI.

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