BENGALURU: The new war for talent is being waged in the cloud. Demand for clouds has skyrocketed since the pandemic began as companies seek to improve their resilience.
India has 6 lakh cloud practitioners. Of these, 3.7 lakh each have a cloud certification. And only 85,000 have one of the top 5 cloud certifications, according to data from Bengaluru-based talent consultancy Han Digital.
Certified cloud architects with over 8 years of professional experience are among the best cloud talent, of which there are only 25,000 in India. They earn an average salary of over Rs 30 lakh.

The top cloud players include AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Salesforce and SAP.
Forrester predicts that the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $ 120 billion in 2021. Before the pandemic, around 20% of developers regularly used non-container and server-free functions to create new apps and modernize old ones. It is predicted that 25% of developers will be serverless and …


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