Jeff Bezos had some amazing tricks up his sleeve as he originally wanted the company to be called Cadabra. Amazon’s first lawyer told him this, however, because the name sounded too similar to “corpses”, especially on the phone. When the company was founded on July 5, 1994, Bezos chose the name Amazon because it began with the letter A and because of its connection with South America’s largest river.

Although the original company focused on selling books online, Bezos’ vision has always been to become the “Anything Store”. Fast forward to June 2021 and Amazon is the most-visited ecommerce website in the United States, with nearly 2.5 billion monthly visits. That is relatively more than the online traffic of the next six major retailers combined.

“Starting with the booksellers, the e-commerce giant has accelerated the closure of many retailers and threatens to change the standards of shopping in a digital …

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