Immerse yourself in the latest features for VMware Instant Clones


With the release of Horizon 2006, VMware adds new provisioning capabilities to its instant clone technology. IT teams can use Smart Provisioning and ClonePrep to create secure, efficient VMs with vCenter, and they can use VMware’s Guest Customization Engine to launch instant clones on Linux.

When administrators clone a VM, VMware Horizon creates an exact copy, which means that the clone consumes the same amount of data as the original VM. Linked clones were the first efficiency gains in the VM cloning process. With linked clones, a parent VM is the central disk that connects to child VMs and only detects and saves changes that relate to the parent VM.

This reduces the amount of disk space required, as only the unique disk blocks are stored for each VM. The creation process is also quick because instead of cloning the entire disk, each VM starts with a nearly empty disk.

This process is efficient on disk, but the hypervisor storage still registers each VM as a full VM – with each …

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