A soundbar is an excellent addition to any TV or entertainment setup. You can get high quality Dolby surround sound with a premium brand – today, the Samsung 2.1 A550 Dolby Soundbar has gone from its original price of $ 280 on Amazon to just $ 197.99.

Samsung’s offering has improved Bass Boost to bring music to life. It has a central channel that takes care of the dialogues in movies and TV shows, so you no longer have to lean in or turn up the volume. In addition, there is the adaptive sound technology, which adapts to the content.

If that’s not enough, experience DTS Virtual X for even more immersion and a game mode that highlights every shot, punch and theatrical sound. Connectivity is via HDMI, Bluetooth or WLAN. The total output of the soundbar is an impressive 300 W, the subwoofer 220 W.

It’s not every day that a premium soundbar gets a huge discount. If you’re looking for the ultimate value for money, get the Samsung 2.1 A550 Soundbar for just $ 197.99 today!

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