With the increase and advancement of technology and daily use of the Internet, incidents of dangerous malware affecting cell phones are increasing rapidly. Android owners and tablet users are warned again about malicious and destructive apps that target the Google Play Store. These dangerous Android apps were highlighted by Tatyana Shishkova, an Android malware analyst at Kaspersky. She said the apps were used to impale the infamous Joker malware. Also read – Is your phone infected with malware? How to find out

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of malicious Android apps affecting our smartphones. Malware like Joker is available with skills to manipulate smartphones and steal personal information. In addition, the malware is able to steal your financial information such as debit and credit card information.

Shishkova named some of the apps that will soon be deleted from smartphones. These are-

  1. Now QR code scan over 10,000 installations
  2. EmojiOne Keyboard – 50,000+ installs
  3. Battery charging animation Battery wallpaper – Over 1,000 installations
  4. Dazzling keypad-10 or more installation
  5. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer-100 or higher installation
  6. Superhero Effects-Over 5,000 Installs
  7. Classic Emoji Keyboard – Over 5,000 installs

Joker is one of the most stubborn malware that is constantly targeting Android devices. It was first discovered in 2017. According to the researchers at Quick Heal, the Joker virus steals users’ data through these apps. Earlier this year, cybersecurity researchers discovered a total of 11 Android apps embedded with Joker malware on the Play Store and carried out financial fraud. Some of these apps include Translate Free, PDF Converter Scanner, Free Affluent Message, Deluxe Keyboard, among others.

Things to consider

  1. Be careful when granting app permissions
  2. Knowledge of the background of the app
  3. Keep your software up to date
  4. Always use a password manager for all of your accounts
  5. Check the developer’s name in the About section before downloading the app
  6. Check out the ratings and reviews from users
  7. Download a security tool kit that will quickly scan and remove unwanted malware from a device

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